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"I highly recommend Katrina as a book editor. If you're looking for a no-nonsense editor that won't stifle your creativity, go with Polished Pages. Katrina, above all else, is an accomplished reader, which is obvious in the way she cares deeply about your characters (maybe even as much as you do). I trust her intuition. I know my story is in good hands with her." Genevieve Morrison




Helping Authors, Academics, and Creatives Produce Their Very Best Work

Get your pages ready for submission or publication.

I am a holistic editor and writing coach who works closely with authors, academics, and creative humans to fully appreciate their goals, capture their unique voices, and help their words make the impact they desire.


While I do edit all types of works, I specialize in:



Young Adult (YA) Fiction


Urban Fantasy


New Age Nonfiction

Statements of Intent

I solemnly swear…

As a writer, I understand how nerve-wracking it is to choose the right editor. That's why it's important we discover whether we're a good match before moving forward. I promise to be honest about how I can help and otherwise refer you to someone who can.



Whether you're writing your first novel, about to submit your thesis paper, or trying to get into a competitive program, engaging a professional editor is an important part of achieving your writing goals. If you're committed to connecting with your readers, I can help make your work resonate.


I can help with any writing project! Especially...


My goal is not to dismantle your hard work but prepare your book for submission or publication. You may want a heavier substantive edit or a lighter copyedit—or you may prefer to start from the beginning with an outline and writing schedule.

Academic Papers

A poorly constructed topic sentence, awkward syntax, and grammar errors can be the difference between a mediocre paper and a powerful one.  As an academic editor, my promise is to help you craft a compelling work that makes an impact.

Statement Letters

Rejection can indeed occur within seconds. A solid letter is  your sole chance to sway the committee, to expose who you are and the potential you hold. My goal is to help highlight the skills and qualities that place your candidacy above the rest.


Anyone is capable of writing. I have a knack for seeing people's strengths and harnessing them to create something they can be  proud of, whether that's in the form of a novel, short story, research paper, statement letter, or for personal development. 



— Gen Morrison

Content Writer & Emerging Author

Start making the impact you desire—invest in professional editing.

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