It's just like baking a cake.


[The Recipe]

This won't be like the other books you've started and never finished. You've got a brilliant idea and have decided to carry it out. At this stage, we'll guide you through creating your synopsis, breaking your story into acts, establishing your themes, and describing your primary and secondary characters, all within your desired deadline.

Rewriting, Reworking, & Feedback

[The Ingredients]

You've poured your heart out onto the page, but it's not quite the polished piece you want it to be. In fact, you're questioning whether it sounds like a book at all. We'll work together on plot structure, character development, and maintaining intrigue.

Substantive (Line) Editing & Feedback


No stone will be left unturned. Line by line, we'll transform your manuscript into the magnum opus you’ve envisioned, paying close attention to prose, grammar, and syntax.


[Icing on the Cake]

This must mean you're at the last stage of the writing process. You've had it ripped apart by an editor and are ready to take the last, defining steps before it goes to your first beta reader. Expect a thorough read-through of your novel with detailed grammar, punctuation, and formatting checks.

Excited to get started? Email me (the editor) now.


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