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Writing Spiritual Nonfiction: Where to Begin

If you feel called at this time to share your message, you may have a book inside of you that’s waiting to be written. Whether you’re a lightworker or practicing medium, you have infinite wisdom to share.

One of the best ways to spread your teachings is through the channel of a spiritual nonfiction novelespecially nowadays, as the new age section at book stores continues to grow.

This simple guide will show you the basic building blocks of writing your spiritual nonfiction book while staying true to your message.

#1 Let Your Intuition Guide You

You didn’t get where you are today without trusting your inner voice. And if your intuition has helped you and others choose their rightful path, then that should be the voice that guides you throughout this process. Writing a nonfiction book means wearing a new hat, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust your gut.

First thing you must do when you set out to write about your spiritual work is to stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and your methods. When setting out to write your book, follow your inner wisdom.

#2 Organize Your Teachings

If you receive messages all day long in your spiritual work, how can you even begin to organize your thoughts and goals? If it’s difficult to outline your teachings linearly, set out to organize your book into a few core concepts.

Organizing your book into those concepts looks something like this:

  • Find the overarching elements of your teachings; for example, writing about how to use the Arcana deck as a guide to financial success. The overarching elements can be the four suits in the deck.

  • Identify the more complex teachings or elements of your message, and subcategorize them under the above elements. Each card in the tarot deck can be a subcategory.

  • Link each category with a common thread. The thread in this example is how each reading can be interpreted to help us manifest the wealth we want.

#3 Find Your Audience, Speak to Your Audience

If you’re successful in your spiritual practice, you likely already know who your audience is. While it’s important to write a book that you would like to read, it’s equally important to take some time and consider your readership. In the above example, are you writing for other professional tarot readers to help them better interpret the cards for their clients? Or are you writing for everyday practitioners who want some guidance when doing readings for themselves?

The answer to that can set the tone, pacing, and even language of your book. Understanding how much knowledge a reader brings to the table before reading your book will inform your writing style.

#4 Meet with a Writing Coach and Editor

You are deeply connected to your practice and you have a message to spread to the world. You’re coming from a place of deep knowledge and experience, and you’re ready to set pen to paper. One of my passions as an editor and writing coach is working with spiritual people and coaches to hone their message. I can help you take your teachings or channelings from practice to penmanship by:

  • pinpointing any fears or anxieties you have about writing and finding methods to overcome them;

  • keeping you on track of your goals and ensuring you check in with yourself;

  • organizing, outlining, and editing your words, ideas, and teachings into a marketable work of New Age nonfiction;

  • ensuring that your work is in line with your core message.

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who wants to write a book but needs a little guidance as you navigate this daunting process? Through my holistic approach, I help writers just like you transform their spiritual teachings into invaluable works of nonfiction. DM me or send me a message if you want to learn more about working with me!