A writing coach will help you create your very best work.

Get coaching from anywhere in the world.

Starting is the easy part. 

You're a writer, or you want to be one. You have a few half-started projects, some undeveloped ideas, and sticky note after sticky note piled up on your desktop. You've prolonged, procrastinated, and pined for perfection. You want to jumpstart your writing life or kick off a writing project.


Whether you're an experienced wordsmith, an aspiring writer, or a non-writerly human with a daunting project to undertake, your writing coach will act as your caring advisor and editor. 


There is no one method for all. I tailor my coaching to your individual needs. Depending on your goals, timeline, and experience, together, you and I will decide the best way to approach your sessions.


Single Session Coaching

Perfect for writers who need specific questions answered and an action plan put in place to jumpstart their writing project.


✔ 60-minute phone or Skype conversation to assess your goals, your setbacks, and explore how to complete your work within your desired timeline 

✔ Pre-call questionnaire so we can make the most of our time

✔ Detailed customized writing plan

✔ Writing exercises you can use on a need-basis

Hourly Coaching Sessions

Support for your creative work, research paper, statement of intent, grant/scholarship letters, or other writing piece.


✔ Free consult to chat about your project, goals, and experience 

✔ Customized plan and writing schedule 

✔ Imposed deadlines and routine phone or Skype meetings

✔ Edits and feedback with each draft

✔ Have your piece completed by your desired date

(e.g. 1-2 hours per week)

Includes weekly email support

Novel-Writing Coaching

Ideal for writers with an outline ready to begin the writing process through a dedicated writing schedule and ongoing professional guidance. 


✔ Free consult to chat about your project, goals, and experience 

✔ Customized plan and writing schedule 

✔ Imposed deadlines and routine phone or Skype meetings

✔ Edits and feedback with each draft

✔ Have your book completed by your desired date

Pricing varies based on your project

Includes unlimited email support

4-Week Novel Outlining

Designed for those with a brilliant idea and a blank page.


Emerge with...

✔ a complete synopsis of your book

 ✔ descriptions of main characters

✔ summaries of each act and chapter


Take with you...

✔ a deep understanding of novel and plot structure and character dev.

✔ helpful writing exercises, as needed

✔ a carefully edited outline ready to be transformed into prose

Includes unlimited email support

My Teaching Philosophy

About My Teaching: I trust that writing is made for anyone with a story to tell. Anyone with the desire to make others laugh, think, learn, or discover a new world. Which is why everyone, then, can embark on their own writing journey. I’m here to guide students as they navigate this journey. I’m here to impart my knowledge on storytelling, character development, and the self-discipline (and self-kindness) needed to succeed. As a group, we will explore these techniques through spirited activities and classroom dialogues. My coaching/workshop is made to stimulate, discuss, and challenge; I encourage students to share their creative ideas, give feedback respectfully, and accept it graciously.


About Writing: Writing can be used for myriad things: expressing oneself, challenging another’s ideals, generating compassion, informing, telling real stories, telling fictitious ones. And no matter which of these form the basis of the desire to write, with some guidance, that desire can be conquered. There’s no need to be worldly or wise, or even witty. Just willing. And it doesn’t hurt to be wacky.


About My Classroom: I live for humour, and so even as a teacher, I find it nearly impossible to express myself formally. My students should feel free to do the same; they should feel at ease in my space, where snacks are plentiful and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingers. But that’s not to say there’s no order; the snacks are to get the energy goin’ and the coffee to have the juices flowin’. No, this class isn’t about chaos. In fact in my book, structure is what feeds productivity, and boundaries are what tame the untameable (that’s passion for us artists).


My Students’ Takeaway: I could speak generally about format, tone, and style, but the truth is that a writer’s real artistry stems from their experiences: their failures even more than their triumphs; their hardships, doubts, and fears. And so in my classroom, we’ll learn to use these things we’ve pegged as weaknesses to our advantage. Through freewriting exercises and a focus on process over fallouts, we’ll embrace them—harness them to fuel the thing we’re all here for: writing. Even if we may have a love-hate relationship with it.


It’s time, now, to discuss openly, make discoveries, laugh freely…and drink coffee.



Polished Pages Founder, Editor & Coach

Very Good Questions

What do I hope for my students to get out of my coaching and/or workshops?


I want students to leave my classroom feeling motivated to move forward, however difficult the journey seems. I want them to feel equipped for success, like they have the tools they need to take the next defining step towards achieving their goal, whether that’s writing a novel or getting their short story published. But more importantly, I want them to feel they have the support they need from me, their classmates, and from other external sources (ex: writing groups) to continuously better their skills and open their minds.

What atmosphere are my workshops like?


Structured and respectful, but for the most part casual, comfortable, open, and light. I want students to feel free to express their sentiments, even if they’re made up of fears or worries. This is a safe space, made for “stupid” questions, laughs, and breakthroughs.

What is my advice to writers?



Choose process over perfectionism. Drafts and feedback, drafts and feedback. These are the key to creating a piece you love. Don’t dwell on the daunting outline or rough prose in front of you. Instead, use steps, resources, and support from those around you to get as close to perfect as possible. Because perfect doesn’t exist. And near perfect only comes much later.

What is my teaching motto?


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

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