Overcome imposter syndrome, nail down plot structure, and finally FINISH your novel.

Yes—even around your busy schedule.

Starting is the easy part. 

You're a writer, or you want to be one. You have a few half-started projects, some undeveloped ideas, and sticky note after sticky note piled up on your desktop. You've prolonged, procrastinated, and pined for perfection. You want to jumpstart your author life or get to work on your novel.

Also you:

You've been working on your manuscript on and off for months with no clear direction.


You're balancing a full-time job, multiple creative projects, a demanding social life, and/or a family.


You've resorted to writing only when you’re “in the mood”—which, lately, is never.


You have feelings of inadequacy towards your own writing.


You're afraid of failing before you even begin.


You've tried everything Google has suggested to get out of your funk, including getting feedback, reworking your outline, and the widely popular “just keeping writing.”

Open Book


Hey, writers! I'm

I'm an editor and novel writing coach who specializes in helping authors overcome self-doubt and successfully navigate the book-writing journey.

For years I convinced myself I didn't have what it took to write a book.

I was working full-time as a content manager and editor, doing my master's in creative writing, planning my wedding, and making my first ever home purchase.

My life felt so overwhelming that I struggled with staying motivated to write. I listened to every manifestation podcast that existed. I meditated, I journaled.

I FINALLY learned that I was the only one stopping myself from writing—from thinking the words I had on the page weren't nearly perfect enough to keep pursuing. 

I wanted nothing more than to QUIT MY JOB and finish my book.

I wasn't worried about getting an agent or being picked up by a publisher just yet. All I wanted was to have a good, solid draft that:

a) was the best version of the story I wanted to tell and

b) was actually marketable.

All this seemed impossible with my energy levels so low. That's what I told myself—that my schedule made it impossible to ever become an author.

Does this feel all too familiar?

I'm not telling you that you have to quit your job to write your book. Because even though I chose to in the end, I became even MORE overwhelmed with starting my business. So, ditching your busy schedule ISN’T the answer.


The one thing that helped me overcome my self-doubt, procrastination, and blocks was my very own

M.A.P.S method. 


Quite literally the map to success (we writers love our puns)!











Once I took charge, I was finally aligning with my author goals.


I successfully…

finished my book despite my "impossible" schedule


overcame my imposter syndrome by leveraging my strengths 


delved deep enough into story structure to understand what was making my book NOT feel like a book


went from not-so-great feedback from my beta readers to meaningful praise

If you're sick of staying stagnant and telling anyone who asks that you're "still working on it", my 3-MONTH IDEA TO FINISHED DRAFT program is for you.


My holistic approach blends mindfulness practices with proven step-by-step strategies


fully understand your relationship with writing and WHY you’ve been holding yourself back;


tap into that part of you that is ALREADY a successful author;


write a story that is true to who you are as a writer using your innate abilities, which we’ll dissect together;


nail down structure so your book succeeds in captivating your reader's attention from beginning to end;


finish a solid novel draft in 3 months with ZERO structural issues;


achieve all of this around your busy schedule and without the overwhelm, with professional guidance and support from yours truly.

so you can

I know you may feel...

scared as hell to commit to something without knowing if it's even worth it (I promise you, your dreams always are)


worried you don’t have what it takes, program or not


that you’ve tried everything, so why should this be any different?


terrified that you’ll be judged for investing in finishing a book that may never even get published


worried I'll dismantle all of your hard work (no, that's not what I do)


nervous about what people will think once you get your book out into the world

That’s what I’m here for.


I’m not just here to help navigate you through this daunting journey, I’m also here to help you squash any self-doubt that’s preventing you from stepping into your fullest potential. 


I’ve helped so many dreamers move into the reality they long to be in by shifting their mindset in a way that is both concrete and visceral.


Because I believe in a holistic approach that frees you of the limiting beliefs you've created for yourself.

Week by week, we’ll determine your blocks, shape a solid outline, and transform that outline into a book that speaks to your target readers so you can begin to query agents with confidence OR go on to become a respected indie author.

Woman with Computer

Here are the results you can ex-pect. 


During the first 4 weeks:

Mindset shifts on how you perceive yourself and your ability; why you write; why you hold yourself back; what isn’t working; what you would like to improve and achieve


A clear idea of your target market and how to write a synopsis


A grasp of story structure and how it’s the backbone of any work of fiction


A detailed outline ready to be transformed into chapters


A review of your chapter summaries and look at structure and flow, ensuring all the elements work together


20/20 vision. You can see your novel clearly now. We'll create a custom writing schedule to reach your goals.

During the 2 months that follow:

Zoom meetings once/week* for routine guidance and support


Big-picture feedback on your chapters as you complete them


A work-through of your progress and roadblocks

*The idea is to follow the steps and finish your draft within this timeline, but we can always extend as needed.



Girl Using Laptop


no matter what comes up during your planning and writing process




of your first three chapters once your manuscript draft is complete, plus 20% off a full novel edit

Open Book


how to grow your author platform and advice on your query letter and author website content



Single-Session Coaching

Perfect for writers who need specific questions answered and an action plan put in place to jumpstart their writing project.


✔ 60-minute phone or Zoom conversation to assess your goals and setbacks, as well as explore how to complete your work within your desired timeline 

✔ Pre-call questionnaire so we can make the most of our time

✔ Detailed customized writing plan

✔ Writing exercises you can use on a need-basis


Hourly Coaching Sessions


Support for your writing pursuits on a need basis.


✔ Free consult to chat about your project, goals, and experience 

✔ Customized plan and writing schedule 

✔ Imposed deadlines and routine check-ups

✔ Feedback with each draft

✔ Have your piece completed by your desired date

(e.g. 1-2 hours per week)

$109/session (min 2 sessions)

4-Week Novel Outlining

Designed for those with a brilliant idea and a blank page.

Emerge with...

✔ a complete synopsis of your book

 ✔ descriptions of main characters

✔ chapter summaries


Take with you...

✔ a deep understanding of plot structure and character development

✔ how your book fits into today's market

✔ a complete mindset shift around your writing abilities and career

✔ a carefully edited outline ready to be transformed into a marketable book


Includes unlimited email support

Outline to First Draft

Ideal for writers with an outline ready to begin the writing process through a dedicated writing schedule and ongoing professional guidance. 


✔ Free consult to chat about your project, goals, and experience 

✔ Customized plan and writing schedule 

✔ Imposed deadlines and routine phone or Zoom meetings

✔ Feedback with each draft

✔ Have your book completed by your desired date

Rates vary based on your project and timeline

Includes unlimited email support




x Authors who have written books before and have no trouble with blocks, novel structure, or self-discipline 

x Writers who don’t yet have a novel idea and want to be told what story to write 

x Writers who “know” what steps to take but choose to use their imposter syndrome as an excuse not to take action

x Writers who aren’t serious about taking the necessary steps to succeed as an author, and who find any investment in themselves and their development “not a priority”


✔ Newbie authors who have a great novel idea but aren't sure where to go from there

✔ Writers who are working on their first draft but still feel as though nothing they write is good enough

✔ Writers who are tired of putting their book on the back burner due to their demanding schedule

✔ Anyone who cares deeply about completing a quality written work and willing to work on themselves RIGHT NOW to achieve the level of authorly success they see for themselves


If this sounds like you...

Here's what's waiting for you:

A full 60-minute video session devoted to obliterating your limiting beliefs and uncovering your strengths, followed by a game-changing journaling exercise


4 x 60-minute in-depth video sessions in which we dissect your plot, characters, hero's journey, and synopsis with the goal of enriching and adding dimension to your story


8 x 60-minute video sessions, where we'll go over feedback on your weekly submission 


Written notes and feedback with each draft


A customized writing schedule and accountability


Unlimited email support


Bonus session on how to build your author platform and write your query letter


A free substantive edit of your first three chapters


Exclusive 20% discount offer of a full manuscript edit


Membership into my private Facebook writing community





TOTAL VALUE OF $̶5̶,̶0̶0̶0̶ 

Take a moment.

Visualize where you'll be in just 3 months' time if you finally take actionable steps towards your dream of being published.


If it still sounds like a lot right now, really think about this:

The average developmental editor charges between $0.09 per word or $15 per page. Some go up to $20/page. That' about $3,750-$5,000 for a 250-page manuscript.

With this program, not only are you paying LESS but you're also gaining much more value. Why? Because you're being shown EVERY single tool you need to write dozens more books, beginning with a mindset shift so you know exactly how to overcome any blocks that come your way and complete a book that represents your true capabilities as a writer.

Take the first step!


Katrina is more than just a coach. She’s been my lifeline when I’ve felt like I was on the brink of a creative meltdown. What I like most about her methods is that she knows exactly what to say to rescue me from my own excuses. She finds the balance between toughness and sensitivity, and I always end our conversations on a high and ready to resume my writing.


Her gift comes naturally to her, but she also has the pragmatic skills and industry experience to instil a profound trust in her wisdom and advice. Bottom line, what Katrina does best is help me get over myself and get organized and start writing. I highly, HIGHLY recommend.

-Genevieve Méthot

Working with Katrina has been an invaluable experience. From the very start, Katrina made me feel extraordinarily comfortable talking about by writing goals and insecurities, and we were easily able to target our focus. Discussions were never forced—I always found our conversations engaging and productive. We discussed not just how I created, but why I created. We circled my writing back to my life’s history and teased out my limiting beliefs.  Once those limiting beliefs were identified, Katrina helped me smash them into pieces.


Katrina tailored her program to my writing progress. Together, we took a much closer look at the details of my novel, and I gained a better understanding of my concepts and ideas as I simultaneously grew more confident in my writing. Katrina displayed a perfect balance of listening to my needs and providing helpful suggestions and solutions.


I came out of my experience with Katrina not only more enthusiastic about my writing but also feeling supported. I can definitely go with confidence when pursuing my writing goals. She had a knack at flipping my own words and ideas into inspiring messages.

-Laura Pinkasavage


Katrina is a true professional when it comes to the services that she offers writers. She engages in discussions with her clients and enters into their writing process. By starting with me and where I was as a writer, I learned new skills and built confidence in my own writing ability.


She is honest and fair in her pricing and always meets her deadlines. I have tried to work with other editors and writing coaches in the past, but no one has ever been as responsive and supportive as Katrina. At the end of the day, I felt she cared about my writing and about developing me.


I highly recommend Katrina whether, as an editor, consultant on a creative writing project, or a writing coach for creative or academic work—she is not just a professional doing a job but truly invests in supporting her clients. If I decide to undertake another writing journey in the future (and I already have an idea), I will not hesitate to work with her again.

-Julie Erbland, MSW, PhD

My Teaching Philosophy


About My Teaching: I trust that writing is made for anyone with a story to tell. Anyone with the desire to make others laugh, think, learn, or discover a new world. Which is why everyone, then, can embark on their own writing journey. I’m here to guide students as they navigate this journey. I’m here to impart my knowledge on storytelling, character development, and the self-discipline (and self-kindness) needed to succeed. Together, we will explore these techniques through spirited activities and honest chats. My coaching is made to stimulate, discuss, and challenge; I encourage students to share their doubts and fears, accept feedback graciously, and rebuttal it respectfully.


About Writing: Writing can be used for myriad things: expressing oneself, challenging another’s ideals, generating compassion, informing, telling real stories, telling fictitious ones. And no matter which of these form the basis of the desire to write, with some guidance, that desire can be conquered. There’s no need to be worldly or wise, or even witty. Just willing. And it doesn’t hurt to be wacky.


About My Sessions: I live for humour, and so even as a coach, I find it nearly impossible to express myself formally. My students should feel free to do the same; they should feel at ease in my space, where conversation is rich and laughter lingers. But that’s not to say there’s no order or line drawn. No, these sessions aren't chaotic. In fact in my book, structure is what feeds productivity, and boundaries are what tame the untameable (that’s passion for us artists).


My Students’ Takeaway: I could speak generally about format, tone, and style, but the truth is that a writer’s real artistry stems from their experiences: their failures even more than their triumphs; their hardships, doubts, and fears. And so during my sessions, we’ll learn to use these things we’ve pegged as weaknesses to our advantage. Through mindfulness exercises and a focus on process over fallouts, we’ll embrace them—harness them to fuel the thing we’re all here for: writing. Even if we may have a love-hate relationship with it.


It’s time, now, to discuss openly, make discoveries, laugh freely…and get your book out there in the wild.

Very Good Questions

What do I hope for my students to get out of my coaching?


I want students to leave my sessions feeling motivated to move forward, however difficult the journey seems. I want them to feel equipped for success, like they have the tools they need to take the next defining step towards achieving their goal, whether that’s getting a book deal or becoming an indie author. But more importantly, I want them to feel they have the support they need from me and a writing community of their choice to continuously better their skills and open their minds.

What atmosphere are my sessions like?


Structured and respectful, but for the most part casual, comfortable, open, and light. I want students to feel free to express their sentiments, even if they’re made up of fears or worries. This is a safe space, made for “stupid” questions, laughs, and breakthroughs.

What is my advice to writers?



Choose process over perfectionism. Drafts and feedback, drafts and feedback. These are the key to creating a piece you love. Don’t dwell on the daunting outline or rough prose in front of you. Instead, use steps, resources, and support from those around you to get as close to perfect as possible. Because perfect doesn’t exist. And near perfect only comes much later.

What is my teaching motto?


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward